How to add calendar and schedule meetings in Teams

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I am new to being an admin for Microsoft Teams. I just set up a not for profit account and am trying to set-up Microsoft Teams for our Board of Directors. I am so frustrated with how not user friendly Microsoft is, google is soooo easy compared to this.


I haven't added my users yet because I want to ensure this is working first (so I am the first user). I tried to add the Calendar App so that I can schedule meetings. I searched it, added it and it shows on the top, I can click on the "association calendar" under our team but everytime I click on it it says "Getting Things situated, check back in a bit" .. is this normal? What am I missing?



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Can you provide a screenshot? I guess you are talking about the new channel calendar app that was just released! Do you have the calendar app in your left rail menu?


@adam deltinger here is a screenshot. 


I don't see the calendar on the side, but along the top when I click on the calendar this is what it says.

@adam deltinger 

I now see the calendar on the left, but if I click it on the top (AMBA Calendar) it still shows that error.


Now when I try to schedule a meet it is telling me "Mailbox not found" ... 


WE have email hosted through google, g suites we do not want to move our email to outlook.

Yes, this was what I suspected. @ChristianBergstrom is right here. You need an exchange license in order to get the calendar