How to add bulk list of 200+ guest users to a Team channel

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We are running a massive mission to help the Bahamas.  Need to add bulk of guest users to different Teams.  How can I do that? It will take forever to add more than 200 volunteers if I have to do it one by one.



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The most important question here is are the users already added as Guests in your tenant? If so, you can add them directly via Add-TeamUser. If they are not present in the directory, you will need to invite them first via New-AzureADMSInvitation. Once they redeem the invitation, you should be able to add them to Teams.

Basically it will take less time to add one by one then to script out all these invitations and get the mappings right ;) but basically your only option is power shell script.

We need to bulk add guests that will eventually be invited to Teams. Is there a better place to send them than the MyApps portal? With no apps published, a blank MyApps portal isn't a great first experience.