How to add a Teams Room in Teams Admin Center using PS or any way at all....?

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I'm having a difficult time finishing the setup of a (Teams Meeting Room). I have created the resource account in MS Admin Center,  assigned the meeting room license, and  I have the collaboration bar setup and available in Teams admin center.  I'm not sure on which power shell commands I have to enter to pull this from the MS admin and push it to Teams admin under the (Teams Rooms)  section. 


I want to utilize the actual team room features inside the team admin center.


Any help is GREATLY appreciated as I'm stumped.



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@WillHopsIs it still missing from the Teams Rooms menu? It might take some time before you can see it there.





I have never been able to populate the (Teams Room) section in the admin center. There is no (add,move, etc) button to assign anything. So I assume it's a power shell command I'm missing.

@WillHopsWhich Teams Rooms device(s) you have?



poly-polystudiox30 8l2022558495fc and using a TC8 as the controller.


I did make some progress yesterday. Now I can create and utilize calendar events  through outlook and it works how it was intended with the full automated responses, collaboration bar  showing scheduled meetings and joining them, etc.  


Now when I create a calendar event in the Teams client or web client I can see the location appear, but tells me there is no room. My (Teams Rooms) list is still empty, so I assume that's why it says there is no room.   Pics provided.


I had to add the exchange license to the user account for the mail to work properly. (and at all)

-Rookie mistake


At the start of this journey I completed the following before I got stuck:


  • Created the account/user
  • configured the account: UPN, password never expires, usage location, assigned the MS Teams Room Standard Lic, set the Outlook MailTip, calander processing.
  • Then I enabled the meeting room, assigned SIP registrar, enable the account for Enterprise Voice,



These are the additional power shell commands I issued to get further than I was.



  • New-DistributionGroup -Name “RazorLine MTR” -Roomlist   
  • Add-DistributionGroupMember -Identity “RazorLine MTR” -Member “RL_MTR"   


I've been using two links to help me along the way.







I opened a ticket with MS support. They confirmed the device is not a Teams Room compatible device.


Everything else program wise I did was 100% accurate.