How to act on "Meeting has started" notifications if I didn't click on Windows 10 notification?

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When I have a Teams meeting scheduled, I am alerted when someone has started the meeting by joining it before I have joined.  I find this feature very helpful.  However, if I'm unable to click the "join" option in the Windows 10 notification area before it disappears (5-10 seconds?? maybe??), then I have to click in teams, click on calendar and then click on join there.  However, the Teams app is highlighted in my taskbar like there is a notification related to it somewhere that I could click on, but I cannot find it.  Is there a way to quickly join a started meeting if I miss the Windows 10 notification?

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You've likely figured it out by now (9 months later), but any meetings that pop up in your notification area also are able to be One-button Join'ed from your Teams Calendar function.  Click on your Calendar and you'll see the [Join] button.

@Andre_LeBlanc but it's an inconclusive notification and is not intuitive.  Only through experience do I know that once I've ruled out any other reason for a notification then the only remaining notification is for a meeting has started.  When I see that my Teams button on the taskbar is showing that there was some attempt to get my attention, there's nothing to definitively indicate why it needed my attention. Even the "Activity" section in Teams doesn't list it.  And, I've had attendees attempt to join a meeting well after the start time when their no-show status resulted in the remaining attendees agreeing to reschedule the meeting.  That also prompts the "Meeting has started" notification.

This bothers me every single day because the notification just disappears too fast. Often my co-workers start the meeting a couple of minutes early and I don't want to join before the actual scheduled time. I wish the notification would just stay there until I click on it.


If I miss the notification and I have Teams running in the background, I first have to open the UI, click on Calendar, spot the correct meeting in my calendar and then click Join.... this is way too complicated to join an ongoing meeting.

This is indeed a less than optimal user experience, especially when your schedule has more than one meeting that some overly zealous team mate might have started early.