How Teams try to keep video and audio in sync?

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Now and then I have seen that during the meeting audio and video are running out of the sync. Either video or audio is coming several seconds ahead of other.


Obviously this most likely will be caused by the network issues. But I'm a bit surprised that MS does not avoid this situation. The most logical solution is freeze video until the audio reach video as well.


Also wondering how to get full view of our users who are suffering the issue like this. I have tried to looking for CQD, but that looks not helpful on this.


How about others, have you faced similar issue, and have you found some helps for that?

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I don't see or hear the problem myself or from my customers.
We have the excat same issue. So far we have not been able to pinpoint a cause.

@We experience the exact same problem. Sound and video are totally out of sync and we have a pretty decent internet connection.

@Lindhardt2021 same here. I think it started after applying some windows updates like the 2021-04 cumulative. Aynone else see that after applying that update?

I have noticed that whenever someone lags in MS teams, their speed of talking is increased by ms to cover up the lag, can someone tell me what is the actual term for this?

We had this problem the other day (Jan 2022). Is there any update on the issue?

I have found Teams frequently has trouble keeping audio and video in sync when the mic is muted. Teams seems to prioritize audio handling differently when it's not sending audio bidirectionally. This is a guess based on the behavior I observe.