How Noise Suppression Works in Teams Meetings



An update to the Teams Windows client introduces automatic noise suppression for Teams meetings. You can tune suppression up or down to reflect your environment. The feature works by analyzing the audio feed from the microphone used in a meeting and removing unwanted noise. The more suppression is done, the more resources are used, so this is something to keep an eye on.

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@Tony Redmond We've been unable to locate the Noise Suppression settings anywhere. We look under Our Image (start)/settings/device settings. Not there. We have been conferring with @Jace Moreno in Teams Superhero Channel and he recommended I post here also. We have assured we are running the latest version of Teams, updated OS, MS 365 too and freshly rebooted. No noise suppression. 

Is it possible, that it only shows up, if a user has the ability to also record? In our enterprise, we do not allow end users to record without pre-approval and the meeting must be held as a live event. 


Thanks for any insights. Happy holidays and we hope to hear more after 2021 begins. :)

@Toshbu I assigned my account a Teams meeting policy which doesn't allow recordings and checked, and I still see the noise suppression settings under Devices. I don't think that's the reason.

@Tony Redmond I get the noise suppression feature on my Surface Pro 7 but not on my Surface X (latest version of the X). The Pro 7 is using a Microsoft Managed Desktop and the X is OOBE but domain joined. I can't find anything to say it won't work on the X...

@EdwinaR The Surface X is an ARM device. Noise suppression uses AVX2, so maybe these extensions aren't available or haven't yet been enabled for ARM64.

We have set up a Lenovo HUB 500 Teams Room console in our auditorium to simplify running Live Events, but I would like to reduce the noise suppression to get a more "rich" audio that includes reactions from the auditorium audience, how do I do this in Teams Rooms?

@Ivar EngenRecently, I have no end of problems with my mic. I noticed that when in a Teams call I click "...", I can select "Device Settings".  That opens up a rail on the rhs.  In there, you will find a sub section "Noice Suppression".  There I can select different levels.  Sadly, selecting "off" does not appear to solve my problems.

I’ve the same issue. Turning off noise suppression has no effect. Unless I speak loud enough it just cuts out. Working like a noise gate setting. When I test mic response I see the ‘bars’ even when I speak quietly but it appears to not be a high enough dB to active the gate and let the sound through to teams. I’ve recorded directly on windows using recorder and it gets everything fine.

doing a ‘test call’ works fine too just not during a live meeting. 

So OFF is not actually ‘Off’

I (seem to have) solved my problem in the end by going into Control Panel/Sound/Manage/Recording/[Mic]/Properties/Advanced. There is a box to "Enable audio enhancements". After I disabled those, I no longer received complaints from interlocutors.
That setting causes a multitude of audio issues, not enhancements. Well done!