How might it be possible for a Team to be an event Organizer in Outlook?

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We've discovered that a staff member's appointment has appeared on the Team / Group calendar in Outlook and invited a few Team members to the event. The organizer for the event is attributed to the Team itself.  

I'm not sure how it's possible for a Team to be an organizer for an Outlook event. 

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Hi @Anthony-123,

it is possible for a Team to be listed as the organizer for an Outlook event, particularly when the event is created within the context of a Microsoft Teams channel or group.

In Microsoft Teams, each team has its own associated Office 365 Group, which includes a shared calendar.

When a member of the Team creates an event in the Team's calendar and invites other Team members, the event is stored within the Team's Office 365 Group calendar. 

When events are created within the context of a Team or Group calendar, the organizer of the event is listed as the Team itself rather than the individual who created the event. This is because the event is associated with the Team's calendar and is considered a Team event.

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