How many NDI camera outputs can you have during a Teams Meeting

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Hi, has anyone been using Teams Meeting and NDI?
I would like to know if there is a limit to the NDI streams from a Teams Meeting.
When using Teams Live this is limited to 10 users(cameras) combined of Presenters and Producers.
When you go over the max cameras with more users connected their cameras even though are on are not shown in the Teams Live interface  and when looking at the NDI streams their NDI video is not shown.
This is Teams Live and MS mention Max 10 Cameras...
So is there any limited to NDI in a standard Teams meeting.
If I have 20 presenters will all 20 presenters have a video NDI stream or is this limited as in Teams Live
look forward to replies.
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Hi Everyone who has viewed this message and thankyou for the like.

Maybe you also want to know the answer. Ive been working with Teams Live meetings broadcast to put multiple Presenters on screen at once than just one. Had great results so far with an instant solution upto the max 10.

So if you reading this I need more than 10 people with Teams to test with so if you are interested drop me a message and your email and I'll plan a date to make a call with you all to test how many NDI connections we have as well as show you solution for multi presenters on screen at once.

Look forward to your help
Thank you


Hi there,

With more than 5 at a time I have started having camera problems that turn off if a participant doesn't speak.

It is as if teams even if you capture it by NDI, decide to prioritize the views that are on the grid screen.

Has anyone gotten more than 6 cameras at a time?

hi @Linkaman


as you mention th 3x3 video grid seems to control the NDI outputs. So 9 is the safe Max you can have.

It does say 10 in the MS document on NDI. I have run a test and had 10 connected, this was in Teams Live (not standard Teams meeting) I took each NDI output into VMIX and displayed on screen at once and sent back to teams for the broadcast.


In Teams Standard the 3x3 grid issue occurs as the 9 cameras all are outputted to NDI, but when you have more in Teams meeting standard then it starts switching the 10 for the 1st of the grid and so on when people start talking. Its a bit of a mess as you cannot managed a broadcast if NDI this way as ideally you want NDI channels to be dedicated. You can also use the NDI output of the Active Speaker.  So 9 is the max if you keep to 9 then you can map each without any issues. I have been using VMIX to managed this.


Now just to mention its a mess up by microsoft in that they recently updated the Teams standard meeting NDI (under the 3 dots options) to include a new menu item TURN ON NDI or OFF, Fair enough good way to control per meeting. HOWEVER in doing this they have completely turned off the NDI in TEAMS LIVE meetings. Really does not make sense as its the same software. I think someone in the programming teams department has made a bit of booboo.


And its not just me see

on the Teams Voice site as 2 others have also had this problem, and not very clever MS doing this without warning the night before in my case running a customers Webcast relying on NDI.


So 9 Max NDI but only now in Teams Meeting Standard not Teams Live.

You Could do more than 9 if you run concurrent Teams standard Meetings on seperate laptops using the same local network(for NDI) and use an audio mixer to manage the sound with mix-minus.




Thank you very much.

Indeed with the 3x3 view I am getting something more or less stable, although I have already had a couple of unpleasant surprises. In already 3 occasions Teams has closed suddenly the active call. :(

Every event I feel like organizing a crash landing. It can be done, but who knows what will go wrong.