How many Camera In my account can i use

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I have a big meeting room with four cameras , Can i Use 4 camera at same time in teams ? the 4 camera i need to use it for my account , i mean if i use the teams with my friend (X) thats mean (X) Can See me With Four Camera 



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Teams only have support for one camera, support for an additional content camera is coming but that is not what you are looking for.

If you want to show all your cameras at the same time in Teams you need some other software to merge them to one camera stream firsts (there are multiple of tools for that) or if you want to switch between different camera angles you would also need third-party tool (or switch device in Teams).

A free tool you could test is the OBS studio software, it is open source. You can select multiple cameras and output to a virtual camera that you can select in Teams.

does teams still not allow for use of 2 cameras without a workaround?@Linus Cansby 

In Teams desktop client you will be able to have two video streams, regular camera and content camera. Current release date is March 2023.

For Teams Rooms support for multiple streams from one camera will come soon, Microsoft call it IntelliFrame. Later you will be able to connect multiple cameras in the same room that sends multiple streams from different angles.