How long until the Teams upgrade notification in Skype for Business appears?

David Christensen

About an hour ago I enabled "Notify Skype for Business users that an upgrade to Teams is available" but I don't see the banner yet in my Skype4B windows client.   I've signed out/in several times.


When I look at the attributes from Get-CsOnlineUser I see 'TeamsUpgradeNotificationEnabled=True' for my test user.


Am I being too impatient?

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@David Christensen yes I think you should give it a few hours to replicate.


For example, when turning on domestic calling in teams it takes up to 12 hours for the client to notice that he should display a dial pad etc.. As you posted this 16 hours ago you should be fine now?



As Sven said, it can take time, usually the policy changes like this take within 48 hours. However, your client endpoint cache can take longs when someone in Teams Tries to chat with that person it might still show them using Skype. This is a gap that can be annoying int he migration process and Microsoft is working to try to get all these changes to take hold within 24 hours.
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