How link a sharepoint library already existing in another sharepoint

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i would like use a library sharepoint already existing and i should like to know how to made. "Teams" propose to use a library thanks to a link library url, but it don't work.


thank you for you help


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Either go to files tab -> add cloud storage then select sharepoint! You can here add a library url or browse a site! ( you need access on this library )
Or you click the + at the tabs bar and choose library and do the same procedure as above!
For people to access the files they need permissions on that library as well!


@adam deltinger 


Thank you for your answer, I tried it, but I can not find the option "add storage", I think I do not have rights in my company (I checked a little on the net). Can you confirm ?


However, I found the option "add cloud storage" by another path (photo) and when I want to use this option (first element of the photo), he asks me the URL of a library and I do not know if it works, but I tried some tests and I failed each time .... Either I do not have rights or I do not know how to find the right URL




I had the same problem, and tried to connect by adding it as a tab or as folder. (see add existing sharepoint).


This didn't work as I only have access to a subfolder of a channel on the sharepoint, not the channel itself.


I found a workaround however by adding the sharepoint as a website tab. Works like a charm. From access management point of view it is not as easy, as you have to make sure all members of your team also have the appropriate permissions to the sharepoint.