How do you schedule a meeting with the free teams edition

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I am trying to set up a meeting in the free edition of Teams. Is that possible?
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It seems I can only create a “Meet Now” meeting, not a scheduled one.
Yeah! You can’t schedule meetings in the free version!
Video calling Is fine

If you use the desktop Teams app, and you have Outlook installed, you should be able to schedule a Teams meeting via the button on the Outlook ribbon.

@Rob Ellis 


I can't do this.  Can you talk me through it?  It doesn't give me that option

Do you have Outlook installed on your PC or Mac?
I'm having a lot of questions about this so I guess the removal is not yet done. By the way, interesting workaround I have found:

Hi, this should be available shortly, Microsoft says "Meetings in Teams free is rolling out starting on June 2, 2020" this includes the scheduling option, so if you don't have it already it's worth checking back soon.


Further details here - Getting started with meetings in Teams free.



@Cian Allner Ok that's a great thing came up in this month of June but I would like to know how we will be able to delete the Teams Free Account - As per the article it says you can directly go to Azure AD part which is so called the single app catalog and then you can get the option to leave the organisation of Teams but still it doesn't work sharing you the screenshot for the same:

Error occurred in deleting the Teams Free Account Setup using gmail domainError occurred in deleting the Teams Free Account Setup using gmail domain


Please let me know what we can do for these types of issues?

to schedule your meeting go to the meet and click schedule a meeting.

@Rob Ellis, I have Outlook and am using the free personal version of Teams as I love Teams and was recently laid off. In my Outlook, where I had previously seen in the calendar that I could schedule a Teams meeting, it only shows me that I can schedule a "new Skype meeting" which when clicked says there is an error. Is there an additional download needed in the Free personal Teams app to schedule a Teams meeting? This would be very helpful for informational interviews, etc. Thank you for your guidance!