How Do you manage internal communication?

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Just curious to learn, if you have a large number of people in your team (say 500 people). And some of them are on field tasks. 


How do you communicate with them? 


Also, when you need to announce any organization wide notice, how do you make sure you send it out to everyone in one click?


Are you using Teams for resolving these type of situations? 



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Ideally they are all members of one Team and can be reached by creating a post in the general channel and tagging the channel.
Awesome, and for those employees who are not in teams? What do you usually do?

Did you ever feel the need to send SMS to customers or team members from Teams?

@IftyMM_06 You can also send the invitation email via Outlook and copy the link to the team channel so the details go there too. Outlook Calendar Invitation TO Microsoft Team Channel - Microsoft Community