How do I use the @ symbol without it turning blue?

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I want to use the @symbol in a teams message but every time I do it @xyz it thinks I am trying to tag someone and makes it blue. I just want to be able to write @xyz without it turning blue or thinking I am trying to link it someone or something. 

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Hi@Anonymous404   I've done that but when it's clear I'm not tagging anyone, it shows in the line as type (you can put a space or comma after it).  See screen shot.Screenshot 2021-11-30 160743.png

you mean you have the member just has the name as same as another meaning?
I tried to type @Apple, without click suggestion, or press Enter, just keep writing, then no mention shows

I assume your company called Apple, and you have a member called Mr. Apple . and you want a word "@Apple", without mention Mr. Apple

@AnqB0VVRJMzsO6zV When I type xyz@123 it links and I do not want it to.