How do I use the same link for my lessons that occur at different times and different days?

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I can turn on recurring for lessons that are at same times, but how do I set up a meeting, for instance, a recurring Maths lesson that happens at 8AM on a Monday and at 10AM on a Wednesday? I need the same link to make it easier for my younger students.


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Did you try this?
Create a meeting. Open it - you'll find a link in it.
Send that link in an e-mail, or publish it on the LMS you use.
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You can also create the second meeting, save without sending, then copy across the link from the first overwriting the second per @hans. It's just text with a hyperlink. If your meetings were at the same time, a single recurring meeting might be best (note: you can use Outlook Desktop to send complex recurrence patterns, e.g. Mon/Wed/Fri etc).
Outlook again works for meetings that occur on different days but at the same time.
But thank you for this :)