How do I turn off email notifications for specific chats/teams but not others?

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Like, I want to get a notification if a user chats me directly but turn off notifications for group chats. I want notifications for specific rooms if somebody @mentions that room, but off for others? From what I can find it's all or nothing: all chats on or off, all rooms on or off, zero granularity.


Is this a correct read on how the options are set up and if so, how many days until MS fixes this?


Teams was crammed down our throat to replace another product that's gone EOL, and so far it's howlingly bad. The more I use it the less I like it.

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This is determined on which channels you follow!
You set what kind of notifications you get for followed channels then you set which channels to follow!
By default you won’t get notifications for channels unless @mentiones are used

Click ... on any channel and choose “follow this channel” or unfollow!

Regarding private chats you may choose to silent notifications for existing chats too

Ah, think I've found it. Have to follow specific channels, and for group chats it works in the opposite direction: you have to mute them.

Keep in mind, you can use Channel mentions as well, you don't have to "follow" channels to manage notifications.

If you pay attention to your Teams tab and don't want notifications you can make use of the now named "Show/Hide", any channels you show, you both a. see bold Team and channel for new activity and b. get mentioned if an @channel mention is used.

If you need more than that or don't want to miss any notifications that's when Follow comes into play, but keep in mind, you must "Show" a channel first, before it can be followed.

We were supposed to also get per channel notification settings with the show/hide update but those are MIA. I'm guessing it'll come before too long, but you'll be able to set a little more granular what happens per channel and to follow in the future per Team notification settings. So more options are coming soon.