How do I share link for calling me in Teams with others?

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Is there a way to create a link for sharing with others, using which they can call me in Microsoft links? 

I want to add this as a part of my outlook signature. Thanks in anticipation.

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I use this Outlook signature to encourage people to reach me in Teams. It uses the sip code to refer anyone tot Teams chat. Courtesy of KBWorks 

You add a hyperlink to an existing file and use the following adres: sip: [your e-mail]




Thank you very much. I managed to do it.

@Tony Derricott Thank you, this would work better and does not depend on SIP protocol settings. 

@nim79  Thank you. @Tony Derricott had provided same solution earlier.

@nim79 I've had someone try troubleshooting this with me and we're both getting the same results. When you click on the link it takes us to a waiting room with no one else in attendance (both of us have updated the as well). This doesn't start a call directly with the person. Is that what is intended to happen? Open an empty call, have the person then have to click attendees, find the person they wanted to call, then click their name there? 

You can just use callto:[your email]


A popup will open to request the use of Teams the first time.

Once Teams is open, it will request you to validate you want to call that person.




And voilà!

@Dsteenkame you know if it is possible make something similar from an app at android?

@Tony Derricott but how to use this with a phonenumber? :thinking_face: