How do I rename my free Teams organization name?

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I just registered a new free Teams tenant last week. I will use it for a cross-municipality collaboration community, and we are moving from Slack.


After 2 days of just loading screen, and 2 more days of no team showing up within Teams - it's finally up and running. This process was really bad, hopefully it's mot


But now I can see that i must not have paid attention during the sign-up process because the tenant/organization bears my name. 


How can I change the name of the Organization? Is there any support I can reach?


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You are lucky it actually works. I have setup one a few months ago and can't get into it anymore. And finding a support for a free versions is a quest. Try click Contact Us and try scheduling a call with an agent (didn't work for me). You can also try contacting Office 365 support, although if you don't have Office 365 subscription they tend not to talk to you.


Btw, as you are coming from Slack, were you using free version of Slack? Was there any support contact? I'm just thinking maybe i'm better with free Slack version than trying to find not existing support for free Teams..

To my knowledge you cannot change the org names, not sure if you get a hold of someone that they can try going to Teams Tuesday tomorrow and finding out :).

Wondering if there has been any update on this?  

Also a free member of Microsoft Teams and similar to the OP brushed through the registration entering in a "dummy" value for the Organization.  

Is there any way to change the name of this organization?  

I have tried the Access Panel via with no luck.  

UPDATE: Please see posts further down in this thread for information/steps on renaming your free Microsoft Teams organization. 

(Edited) Solution now provided by @wwrighter in this post

Best, Chris

"You can see just how many have voted for this on an open user voice here"


and what a miracle -- even if 1 million would be the upvote, what does the Microsoft care? Why does this company rape you over and over again when you want to use their tools?



Update from me.


I discovered the same as Christopher sais. You cannot change org name unfortunately. You can call support to have them delete the free Teams org and then create a new one.


For me however I ended up creating a new email and registering a new free Teams org on that account. I spent a couple of hours in phone queue to have them delete the mis-named free teams org, but when I got through the support-personnel was unable to help me. They did not know what 'free Teams' was. I tried several times, calling and speaking to a couple of different support-representatives, but it was the same each time, and so I gave up and created a new

It's unfortunate that MS haven't set up better support for this..

I had literally the same experience when i couldn't connect to my free Teams. Regular MS support has no clue whay Teams or free Teams is. They have forwarded me to support page which had a support form that didn't work for me. Maybe it didn't like my phone number (Eastern Europe). Somehow i made through to Office 365 support, but as this is a free product and i don't really have a subscription, they didn't want to deal with me and forwarded me to that clueless regular support.

In the end I've managed to fix connection myself by figuring out my tenant's guid and adding it to the url. Of course, they sent me a bunch of feedback surveys to find out how satisfied i was with their "help".

Unfortunately this was exactly my experience as well... I rang support and for a "Personal Account" - twice they didn't really knew what Teams was and redirected me to Business Support. On the business side, they only talk Office 365 and can't help anyone with a personal account. They tried to psuh me back to Personal again but after refusal, they redirected me to "Teams Chat Support". Chat support man says they can only assist via phone and so on and so on.. Even tried to sell O365 for "Unlimited Paid Support" lol.


Anyway, Oleg, did you eventually get it sorted by obtaining that GUID? Really strange they don't point out how important that Organization Name actually is and that you can never change it - even more strange to see support is so poor... I thought the future of SharePoint + SfB = Teams. If this is the support on that, I'm shivering..



Well, for paid services there is an official support, which in my 1,5 years experience was usually not so much better. You have to deal with first line support which only have their FAQ of usual questions and prepared answers. It is often hard to get things escalated to some engineer with higher skills and knowing the subject. Even then there is no guarantee it will get solved. One ticket (a minor issue though) was in escalation for month or so and i never got a reply. Sometimes they can also close a ticket on a whim if they can't contact you on the phone once. As Office 365 business grows it won't get better.


Btw, my problem was with connection to Free Teams, not with renaming it. So my solution won't help you. What i did, i tried to go to or OneDrive URL, as Free Teams is limited but essentially the same tenant infrastructure like regular one, so there is a SharePoint Online site and you can also go to a limited Azure portal. At some point i saw my GUID in the URL while browsing around these URLs and i copied it from there. It should also be in the registration email of your Free Teams (a link) if you saved it. Then i just went to and it loaded and then started working again for me.

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Update - April, 2020
See nAzeemi's latest steps further down in this thread for what I presume, based on community feedback is the latest working solution to rename your free microsoft teams solution.

Update - February 4, 2019
At the time of this writing as far as I am aware you can rename a Free Microsoft Teams organization. 

Steps to rename your Microsoft Teams (free) Organization:

Identify your tenant id.  Login to and click your profile in the top right, note the "" email address. 
Login to using the account, you may need to select "Can't access your account" link when selecting "Use another account" from the login window/popup.  You should be able to send a reset to your linked account (i.e. 
Go to the Administration panel, then select Billing.  
In the Billing dropdown, select 'Subscriptions' then click on the Microsoft Teams (free) subscription.  
Click on your organization name at the top of the screen, and edit it to the new name you want for your organization.  
NOTE: The changes may take an hour or so to be reflected in your desktop app, web, or mobile application. 

Additionally, I would not attempt to have the service deactivated as indicated by   : Delete Free Teams Organization - if your goal is to rename your organization. After having tried to follow this Support article originally, my outlook account was unable to recreate a Free Microsoft Teams subscription.



The problem I have had (and I don't seem to be the only one :) is that whatever team you select, they all ask for the O365 Tenant name and for the Teams-Free offering, this is properly hidden.


I'm 100% sure I have seen my tenant name somewhere in Teams but unfortunately I cannot remember where it was anymore.. It was something like the first 6 characters of my Microsoft Account email address ( but I am unable to locate it today. If I could somehow find that name again, I'm pretty sure someone would be able to delete the Teams Org.


Does anyone know where/how to see that?

My Free Teams name is the same as tenant's name and i have put this name when signing up for Free Teams. Say it was myteam, then my tenant is

@Ookido : To determine your tenant name, login to: and click your profile.  You should see the address in the drop down.

Thanks, got the tenant name again now - next up is trying to get motivated to give it another go with Microsoft support :)

Cheers for the help!

Hang in there :)

@Oleg K , @Deleted @Ookido 

Turns out there is a way to update your Microsoft Teams (free) organization name without going through the pain of deleting your Microsoft Teams subscription.  Please note: this will not change your tenant id (i.e. tenant/organization  

I have updated a post of mine earlier up in this thread to reflect the steps I took to successfully renaming the organization.  Figured I would drop you a line to keep you in the loop. 

Thanks for the update @wwrighter. Great with a solution for future reference

Oh, i have never tried to login with as i figured this should be the same as my email i have registered with. And this is a completely different account and it even has access to Office portal and Admin Center (i can now see some new features added to Office/Microsoft 365 portals without having a subscription even :) ).


I actually know that place you pointed to change the org name. It is also available through Settings > Organizational profile in Admin Center. At my last job i once tried to change the name there. Before that it was just an abbreviation of our company, same as tenant name, say STC. So i have renamed it to Some Test Company. But then i have noticed that OneDrive folder on PCs also started to use full name instead of short one (OneDrive (Some Test Company)). So i decided to rename it back so it would be shorter and easier to distinguish if you have more OneDrive accounts connected. Maybe it was propagating in some other places as well. But as you have mentioned this is only some sort of "Display name" for your org, your tenant name stays the same.