How do I remove an unknown organization invite without accepting it

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I can see another organization in my teams desktop app below my main organization (someone invited me probably), if i click on it give the option to accept and allow access to that organization for some personal info, if you click on cancel it tells you that you don't need to do anything more but the organization name still appear on my desktop app. There are multiple discussions about how to remove an organization that you already joined or logged in to but none about removing the invite without accepting it. It is annoying to still have it there on my desktop team app

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Try this


1.) Walkthrough the following doc and make sure the organisation does not appear in


Leave an organization as a guest user - Azure Active Directory | Microsoft Docs


2.) Log out and back into Teams

3.) If it persists, log out, clear the cache (Clearing the Cache for Microsoft Teams (Windows) - ANR Information Technology ( and log back into Teams


Should you do it. Hope that answers your question


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Hi, just gonna add this to the previous reply by Chris as I know it has been helpful for others.

For work/school account go here to see if you have an org. to leave

For personal account go here (note the link "Manage my organizations").

You can also sign in to your personal account to see if you're using any alias on it

Use separate browser profiles or InPrivate / Incognito sessions to avoid cached credentials.
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@Christopher Hoard 

Thank you for your reply. I do not see the second organization in because i never accepted the invite, i can only see my main organization there so i cannot remove it from there.

I tried logging out, closing team then deleting all cache. When i open Team and login again i still see the second organization there waiting for me.

It seems the only way to remove it is to accept the invite meaning allowing access then go to and remove it! 

@Tony999 i too have this same issue... was there ever a solution?

i have the same issue still , none of the above worked for me .. its a personal account

I'm not even a microsoft teams user and I keep getting vulgar porn/spam invites sent to my email through this. It is disgusting. I signed up to remove the invites, but I cannot because apparently this is a personal account. This is such bullshit. Microsoft really dropped the ball on this one.
This is what they told me. Same nonsense. "We received an update from our Higher Team and we figured out that once and organization is added to Teams for Personal, it cannot be removed."