How do I remove a guest tenant from MS Teams?

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I am a guest on two tenants for previous clients.  I would like to log out of those guest tenants, but can not determine how to do it.  Any suggestions?

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Hi @D_Andersen  If you click on the three dots next to the team name, is "leave the team" not an option?

@D_Andersen do you want to leave the entire organisation as a guest? If yes, go to and klick on the settings in the right upper corner. There you can see the organisations you belong to and leave if you want.

And just a heads up..

A guest user can't leave an organization if their account is disabled in either the home tenant or the resource tenant. If their account is disabled, the guest user will need to contact the tenant admin, who can either delete the guest account or enable the guest account so the user can leave the organization.

@ThereseSolimeno No, it just gives me the option to mute.

@ChristianBergstrom Thank you, this is helpful.  I will reach out to them.  Thanks