How do I prevent this pop up

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This pops up when ever I use Teams.  I cannot click it away.  It blocks other items as it is always on top.

Changing notifications does not help.

Is this Teams or Windows 10?






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In Teams settings have you got Settings > Notifications > Notification Style > set to Windows or Teams built-in?

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This is the Windows 10 Volume popup, I hate it myself. It's part of the "Ease of Access" stuff in Win10. The best you can do is change the duration it stays on the screen by going to Settings (Win+I) - Ease of Access - Display and look for the option for "Show notifications for".

There are some third party tools that supposedly hide it completely, but I've not tested them. Try searching for "windows 10 volume popup" on your favorite search engine.

If you move your mouse away from the box, it should disappear. Your screen shot looks like you have your mouse over the right hand side, which is why you have a light gray bar.

oh no, there is no way to get rid of it?
Oddly my settings are for Teams Notifications - Built In.
Hi, I am Windows 10 and don't get this when I receive a Teams Call. Mine is set to 5 seconds and i have never seen it pop up!
hmmmm maybe it is not from Teams or Windows 10?
Right, this pop-up has nothing to do with Teams itself, it's a Windows pop-up driven by hardware controlled volume, for example if you have an external headset it might trigger this to pop up, or a speaker-mic desktop device. I see it all the time with my gaming headset on one PC, and sporadically when using my Poly Voyager Focus 2 (for example if I have music playing and I put the headset down, the headset triggers the music to pause and it pops up the volume control dialog you see). Unfortunately this is a Windows feature and nothing Teams can handle, try searching "windows 10 volume popup" and read through some of the details.
I believe it is specifically driven by Windows when a hardware device controls/modifies the volume controls. You might not have a device plugged in that causes the pop-up to appear. With my Logitech G533 headset, and my Poly Voyager Focus 2, I get it when watching YouTube, Netflix, playing music, or dealing with Teams calls. If I plug an analog wired headset/mic into the ports in my computer, I don't get it. I don't have a non-Teams USB headset/mic to see if it appears then too, but you can certainly see plenty of evidence it has nothing to do with Teams by searching "windows 10 volume popup".
Ah, I see...I think it is my headset!!!!!
Let me contact the vendor!
The vendor confirmed it is NOT their headset or related software.
They say it is a Microsoft issue.
I disabled this a long time ago, but it recently reappeared. I am assuming it was from most recent browser updates. I found this that might help.
In Chrome or Edge
Open a new tab - in the search bar, type:
chrome://flags or edge://flags depending on your browser
in the search flags box at the top, type: Media Key
disable - hardware media key handling
relaunch the browser
Let me know if this works for you.
PS... if you are a gamer and have play, pause or other keys on your keyboard, this will disable them but otherwise probably good for us regular working people
I fixed this! My Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset was causing this popup to appear whenever I received a Teams notification because it was changing the volume somehow.

To fix: Control Panel > Sounds > Right click your headset/speakers and go to Properties > Advanced tab > Disable 'Enable audio enhancements'
OKay didn't fix it all the time, still getting the problem but less often

@Vivekvp I was searching for an answer for this problem.  Not sure if this will help anyone but somehow my "output device" in the Sound area of the control panel had changed from Plantronics 8200 to Speakers (USB-C Audio).   (I had used the 3.5mm jack before the problem started)   My USB-C thunderbolt dock is connected and somehow that was causing the popup to constantly show up.  Changing it back to Plantronics 8200 resolved the issue for me.