How do I join meeting form here?

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Microsoft Teams is really confusing, Just add a "+Join meeting" Option.
And guy's help me how to join meeting from teams home page on web.

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@harshil046 you join Teams meetings from Calendar invites, or links sent via e-mail just like every other meeting platform. Since you're using free Teams, unless you started the meeting, you'll have to check whatever e-mail address calendar for the invite, and click the link there to join the meeting. 


In paid Teams since you're e-mail is integrated with Teams it's all on the calendar to join from Teams or Outlook, however with Teams Free it's not tied together so you have to join from wherever the invite is sent.  


Whoever starts the meeting can also just share link from their meeting they created from Teams calendar in chat etc. with others as well to join. 

@Chris Webb sir, why I can't see who's in meeting ?? and there's 100+ people in meeting look at bottom left and same thing happening in Microsoft Teams desktop Application. 

Looks bugged to me. I'd join from web link and join using browser if not already. Seems the desktop client is bugged?
should I reinstall client?
There is the windows 11 Teams App that looks like the one you are using from the screenshot and there is the regular business client for Teams, you could always try to download and install that one and use it instead. I think for that one.