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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

How do I join an Impromptu Meeting on Another device

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If I join a scheduled meeting on my phone, I get a message at the top of Teams on my workstation that I am in a meeting on another device and do I wish to join on my Workstation.


When I am in an impromptu meeting, not a scheduled meetings, how do I join that meeting on another device with Teams installed? The message at the top of Teams stating I am in a meeting on another device and do I want to join is not present during impromptu meetings.

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Have you tried copying the join link from under Meeting details and using it on the other device?

@Vasil Michev There is no Meeting Detail or join meeting link anywhere in Teams on my phone.  I called a colleague in team from my phone, and I could not find a link to share for that call anywhere. At the same time I opened Teams on my workstation and there was no indication that I was in a meeting on Teams on my phone.


If I schedule a Teams meeting in Outlook I can copy that meeting link into a Teams chat and then open the link in both my phone and workstation but if someone calls me or I call someone there is no way to add the other device to the call/meeting.

Can you please provide phone screen shots of where this Meeting Details and join link are?


There is a "share invite" button that appears on the screen immediately after you start the meeting... and it disappears before I can even glance at it. Definitely not the best experience, at least on Android. Looks like a bug to me, although I know @Tony Redmond was able to use this on his iPhone when he first covered this feature...