How do I get rid of the huge blank column on the left of Microsoft teams?

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@paulphillips The one with the list of Teams? You can't and don't worry you'll soon be added to enough different teams that it'll be full.

like steven said, you mean the space under team “off product”?

you can create teams to fill in the blank
and normally there will be too many teams that I use the wheel at the bottom "manage team" to find out what I need

I doubt I will be added to many teams, as people do not like Microsoft Teams here were I work.
That seems to me to be a bad UX design choice to restrict the main work area to be to small to be practical to use. I believe it used to be the case (from Googling) that you could collapse this left hand pain to increase the work area.

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@paulphillips If you are working in any Teams tab other than conversations you can click on the ⏑ by the tab and choose Expand Tab to then choose to Expand Tab to take up the full window area. Better still for most tabs is Pop Out Tab to give you a separate window.


We don't get those choices for conversations, as they are designed to fit in the space available.

Ok thanks. Those down arrows are very hard to see on my screen so I had never noticed them

@Steven Collier After expanding the tab like you said, I open up the live excel sheet my company uses, and the space still pops back up. Do you know of a way to keep it closed when working in excel within teams?


Edit: Nevermind, it appears to have fixed itself.