How do i enable screen sharing from the Teams desktop app?

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I think I turned this off erroneously. I did change several settings recently in my Teams subscription, but somehow this setting got turned off, and I really need to turn it back on. How do I re-enable this in the desktop app? Please send instructions. 


It is working for me in both the web app, and in the Android app, so it is nothing to do with my account. It is specific to the desktop app.  And it is disabled for me  in the desktop app for all meetings - not just the ones I schedule, but for those scheduled by other people. Other folks can share their desktop in the same meetings, so it is definitely not meeting-specific. 


I am running version, the 32-bit client, The last update was 7/6/22. The version I have is optimized for HD Citrix - I run the desktop app exclusively on a Citrix VM. 



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Hi Timothy.

This might be fixed on your Teams policy by your system administrator. Have you contacted admin team already? Aks them to check your teams policies.
Sometimes admins put you on a Citrix group where they disable some Teams features via policies in order to get better performance on virtual desktops.
Hope this help you.

Right, I am checking this now with our Citrix administrator. Thank you for this recommendation, @kyevi.