How do I edit navigation in teams group?

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Is there any way to edit the navigation bar as shown in the image?





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Hi @jinibob,

The navigation bar in Teams consists of fixed tabs and cannot be customized on a per-channel basis.

However, you can customize the tabs within the general channel You can add, remove, or rearrange tabs:

1. Access Microsoft Teams and navigate to the general channel of your team.

2. In the top section of the channel, you will find default tabs such as Posts, Files, ...

3. To add a new tab, click the "+" icon located next to the existing tabs. This will allow you to select and add various built-in and third-party apps as tabs, such as Planner, Forms, or SharePoint.

4. To remove a tab, right-click on its name and select "Remove."

5. To rearrange the tabs, simply click and drag a tab to your desired position.

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