How do I duplicated the teams meeting info for different appointments

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Given the schedule of my team, I have to create different appointments for a regular meeting.   In doing so, I would like to:
1) Have them be Teams meeting and be shown the option to "Join online"
2) Have the same Teams Meeting Id across these different appointments


Anyone have any idea how to do this? 

Thanks - Jason 

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Can’t you just make reoccurring meetings?

@adam deltinger No - it is scenario where meet the same time every day except for every other thursday.  So the recurring meeting feature won't let me be that detailed in the scheduling.  So i have to schedule a second meeting to catch that exception. 

Very frustrating that this feature is not in place - it's time consuming to setup Teams meeting via Teams

@danielsjm YES! Google Calendar makes it easy to duplicate meetings and it would be nice to allow duplication in the Teams Calendar Items as well!

No @adam deltinger a recurring meeting won't do. For the Follow-up use case it would make sense to be able to duplicate a Teams channel meeting like for Outlook - see

I did eventually figure this out.  Once you save the Meeting as a Teams (online) meeting, the teams meeting information is saved in the appointment.  Simply copy that teams connection information and when you create your other meeting, leave "Teams Meeting" Disabled, but paste the original meeting info into the new appt and now they will have the same connection info. 


I have also found that despite this is rarely needed as people will just click on "Connect to Teams Meeting" and not worry about the exact details if the meeting was the same or not. 

@danielsjm For a normal Outlook Teams Meeting see

TLDR; simply copy paste the meeting and edit+send