How do I create an Event that all staff members see in their outlook calendar?

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Hello all,

we are a school and we user MS Teams to organize our workflow.

One big problem we still have.

We want to use the Outlook calendar online to manage our appointments and events.

We have one team where all the teachers are members. This team has a given automaticly a mail address from MS when I created it. Lets say


Now I thought I can enter a new event in the Outlook Online Calendar and invite and all members of that team have this event in their own calendar.

But if I try to create a new event and want to invite  the team mail address  it doesn't show up and so I cannot create this event.


Am I doing something wrong or ist this just not possible? Is there a way that we can create events and all staff members have their event in their calendar.



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Hello @marks99   It should work if your "staff" contact group is set up correctly (you send emails to that group all the time, right?)   Check this out:


There are many resources online that describe how to create a contact group in Outlook.  Like this video:



Hello Therese,

thank you for your reply.

We do not sent mails to this group nor do we use Outlook. This is a MS Teams „ team“. In this team all of our staff is a member. We share files within this team, use OneNote etc. Now we want to organize our events. Like „07.07.2020 Mr. Miller will be at our school“. Since everybody can use the Calendar from Outlook online, I was wondering if it is possible to use this fact to organize our events. We do not use Outlook as an Email Program.


When I setup the team „staff“ in MS teams the Mailadress „“ was automaticly createt from Microsoft. But nobody uses it. I was now wondering if I can use this mail adress. Tho spread the event to all the members of that team. But I cannot select this  mail adress as a receiver. I cann invite single members of that group but not the team.

I know now why I have the problem but I cannot solve it.

If I create a normal class team I can create events for all members by inviting the team with the team mail adress.
If I create a PLC team this procedure doesn‘t work.

Why is that?

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Creating events and appointments is easy, but you can work smarter by configuring the calendar to fit your schedule and routine. There are three major components you can configure: the work week, the work day, and the time scale interval.

By default, the work week is Monday through Friday; the work day extends from 8am to 5pm; and the first calendar day of the week is Sunday. While these options are adequate for many, they won't suit everyone. If you don't work a traditional work week, you'll want to reset the work week options as follows:

Click the File tab and choose Options. (In Outlook 2003 and 2007, choose Options from the Tools menu to find these settings.)

In the left pane, select Calendar.

In the Work Time section, change the options accordingly. In Figure C, you can see that I changed the Start Time to 9am and that I work a four-day week from Tuesday through Friday. (Nice work if you can get it.)

Click OK.



Thank you for your answer. 
I can create events. But in Plc Groups it doesn‘t work.

in normal class teams it works fine.