How do I create a channel menu link to another Team?

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I went to Team A, right-clicked on the three dots next to the Team Name, and selected "Get link to team" from the contextual menu.


After copying the url provided, I went to the "General" channel in Team B, and selected the "+" in the menu at the top.  I selected "Website", and pasted the URL.  So, I have a menu item in a channel on Team B that I want to take me to Team A when I click on it.

Instead, it opens a page that says, "Download the Windows app", "Use the web app instead",  "Already have the Teams app? Launch it now".  I click on "Already have the Teams app? Launch it now", and nothing happens.  

How can I put a link in Team B at the top of my channel as a menu item so that it takes people to Team A when clicked? 

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The Web Site app loads the website in another context different from the Teams App, it will try to browse the site as if you were launching your Browser in a private session, so it won't "understand" that you want a "shortcut" to the other team.

@JosephDelliGatti Those are tabs, not really suitable for this purpose. I guess you could add a SharePoint or Wiki page and add the links to that but it'll become multiple clicks.


Could you use Shared Channels to create a channel that appears in both Teams ? It's certainly the nicest solution for ensuring the members of one team can access another.


Also maybe post a message and then pin it, they aren't that visible currently but it's a way of keeping your message with the link attached to the top rights under the i button.

@Steven Collier,

Thanks for the response. I know the links at the top are typically used as tabs (opening the content in an iframe-type space below). I'm still hoping there's something I can put in the URL or something to make it work. There is an option in the "tabs" to open the current Team in SharePoint via a Web browser.  So, I know links in the tab bar aren't completely restricted to opening in the below frame.

What we have is our core team, which acts like a hub for overlapping efforts involving higher levels of the company - sort of like having a local division team with all of the decisionmakers and file resources of a larger umbrella company offering shared services. So, rather than decentralize the team or put a bunch of links in separate channel folders, we were hoping to link the five other teams in the tabs and make them easy to get to within Teams.

I'm also noticing that the side menu/links for SharePoint sites don't show up in the Teams view in the below frame.

Maybe there needs to be another app/plugin that says "Team link" similar to the "Open in SharePoint" option.  That would work for me.  

As of now, if I open a link to another team from a Files folder within Teams, it still opens it in the Web browser.  So, my choices are to open it in a browser or put it in the menu and have it open this page in the frame below the tab menu:


Open in Teams.PNG

And if you click on "Launch it now", it doesn't do anything from within Teams.

It could be called "Beam to Team". :)
Same problem. I have an expense report template i created in approvals. I'd like to post that at the top of a channel for those users to use. The link does the same confusing items.