How do I contact User Voice admins?

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Trying desperately to get someone to triage which is in the top 6 pages of user voice but is being ignored by the MS Teams/User Voice team. Can't find any way to get to them. Not responding to tweets, MS Support teams can't even get to them.


This is my last hope. Can anyone help???




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Weel, contact User Voice Team is not going to help here....Microsoft Teams Team is the one that monitors user voice, pick ideas posted there and prioritize which ones are going to be developed and included in future releases in the product

Hi Juan,

Thanks for taking the time to respond.


Regardless of the internal workings of MS, I'm just trying to get someone (from any relevant team) to look at that User Voice item and get it prioritised for the MS Teams dev team, so the necessary feature can be developed and delivered.


If anyone internal or external to MS knows how I can get that to happen, then I'm listening! :)


Thanks again,