How do I construct anchor tags in a static HTML file referencing files in the same folder?

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I am using the Teams desktop app. In teams on the files tab for a channel I created a folder and uploaded several videos there. I created an HTML index document describing each of the videos with a link. I used the get URL action from the Teams GUI for each file. If I click the index file it renders as expected. Unfortunately, if I click a link it opens a browser window and wants me to authenticate. I don't want that to happen. I want them to start playing as if I clicked on the video file itself. So I removed the server prefix from each link replacing with "./" and also tried without the "./". If I click one of the links a page appears with "Server Error, 404 - File or directory not found." I went to, signed in, and opened Teams with the browser. When hovering over one of the links it shows
The server adds "" because the links do not begin with "https://" and constructs the URLs wrong. How do I make this work?

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@subjectivist Hi, I manage a similar need by adding the Wakelet app