How do I change what Team is displayed when navigating to the Teams tab?

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Every time I navigate away from, and then back to the Teams tab in MS Teams, it returns me to a starting point and default view of an old team, I no longer use. For example: I could be working in the team corresponding to the work I'm currently doing, then I get a chat from a colleague, which I go respond to, and then when I click back on the Teams tab, I'm not in the same team I was working in, but instead, pulled up is an old team I was working in 8 months ago, which I then have to navigate away from and go back to where I was. Every time I leave and come back, I'm dropped off in this one specific team. I don't want to delete the team because it has information I will eventually still need, but I do not want to keep being left here every time. I even tried hiding the team, but still when I come back to the Teams tab, it is opened from the hidden teams list and there I am. Is there a way to make Teams default to the last place I was in whatever file path position I was working in when I navigate to the teams tab?

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