How Create OL Task from Teams File

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Within a Teams team channel, I can create an Outlook Task from a chat post or reply. I would click the 'more' menu--the ellipsis--and then click 'more actions' and then click 'create task.' Works fine.


I would like to be able to do the same thing from a document under the files tab. If a colleague uploads a file that prompts a task for me, even just to review that file, I would like to create the Outlook Task right there. However, there is no 'create task' option under the 'more actions' menu from the file list.


I tried to create a Flow. It isn't working, but, even if it were to work, it can only be triggered from the SPO interface, not the Teams app.


Is that my only workable approach, to get the SPO flow to work? Is there no way to create a task from a Teams channel file?




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@Joseph Nierenberg 


Done, just tested. 


1.) Create the Plan in the Team with the correct buckets (E.g., review)

2.) Copy this flow. SharePoint trigger, Planner action




3.) Upload a file into the File Tab in Teams

4.) Outcome: Task is in Planner in Teams with the correct name




There isn't a native way to do this, so I have raised a feedback for you here


Create a task from a File · Community (


An alternative to using tasks in this flow, is using an Approvals action. Will also work.


Hope that answers your question


Best, Chris

Thank you, Christopher. If we were using Planner, that would probably work well, and we should probably be using Planner. But we're not using it for this particular project; I will next time. So for this one, the end result I'm looking for is an Outlook Task. (If you go into a channel post and click the 'more actions' option, you'll see a 'create task' button that does for posts what I'm trying to do for files.)
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@Joseph Nierenberg 


No problem here we go








SharePoint Trigger, Outlook action 


This should 100% solve it. Have a great new year. 


Best, Chris

@Christopher Thank you! Sorry not to have gotten around to this until right now. I had the wrong trigger. This works great.