How can you access your organization's recorded meetings?

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As the topic implies, how can you do it?

Until january you could do that thanks to the "Admin" option on Microsoft Stream, but since january the recordings of Microsoft Teams meetings no longer go on Microsoft Stream but on OneDrive for Business / Sharepoint, from where they can be accessed and handled only by the person who created the recording.


Does an admin truly no longer have any way to access the recordings created by a member of his organization?

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Hello, this is how the permissions are configured when using OneDrive/SharePoint as storage location.
That explains a lot about how access rights will be handled according to several other situations, how it will impact the storage quota and so on.

Sadly it doesn't tell me (unless I completely missed it) how can an admin access/manage the recordings created by a member of his organization.
Clearly there has to be a way where an administrator has a way to handle those user-created-recordings somehow, right?
Hello, you would have to grant yourself admin access to the OneDrive involved, or in SharePoint if it was a channel meeting.
I have this question too.. Have you been able to resolve this?

@Ganesh Iyer @rotosenio are you able to resolve this issue?

@Somnang1982 It's already mentioned in this conversation how the permissions differ from Stream and OneDrive/SharePoint with the role-based access. See link above!


If you as an IT administrator need to take ownership you have to give your admin account permissions to either the users OneDrive or SharePoint depending on what type of meeting recording it was. Or simply ask for permission to it from the owner of the recording.


You can also manage meeting recording with retention as an admin, if that's what you're looking for How to Apply an Auto-Label Retention Policy for Teams Meeting Recordings - Office 365 for IT Pros (o...


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