How can we "continue" a meeting from day to day?

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We have groups of people working on stories and tasks. Say we meet on Monday from 11-12 on a story.  We all agree, at the end of that meeting, to have another meeting on Tuesday from 2-3.  Then Wednesday, and so on.  So it isn't a recurring meeting, but a series of meetings on the same topic, and perhaps with different people..


Currently somebody, after one meeting, would go to Outlook and set up the meeting for the next day as a Teams meeting and send it out.  Thus, in the second meeting we have no history from the first meeting in the chat window.  What would be nice, or better, is if there was a simple way to continue the meetings from day to day or week to week, thus saving all the chat history over one meeting.  I suppose, in Outlook, we can open the first meeting, copy the Teams link, and paste it into the new meeting, but that seems cumbersome.


Am I missing something?  Is there a built in method to do this?

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AFAIK there’s no such function! I guess the best thing here is to use the same link! Instead of making a teams meeting just schedule a outlook meeting and paste the link as you described

Copy and Paste de meeting into the calendar.
It will keep the same "Teams Meeting" link, then you will have the history.
You can edit the following meetings, to update the body and subject.