How can we hide the user has joined/left the Team in General channel

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We are working with Teams with hundred of members. New members joined and other leave the Teams every day and it becomes really annoying seeing “bob has leave the team”, “John has joined the team” on the conversion TAB.

On the mobile apps those activities are hidden and we would like to have the same on desktop application.

How can we get rid of this?
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@Dean Gross The question is why is it there and why is there no option to hide it? In an organisation of around 1500 users there are always tens of users onboarding or offboarding almost on daily basis which is a bit unclean to see those logs.

No way to delete or hide currently.

This is a painstakingly absurd situation.  Especially the fact that we cannot delete the text once it has been published.  It's wild to me that company administrators cannot censor their own system content.


This is a quite dangerous feature that happens automatically and is completely undoable when adding or deleting high profile accounts.


Unbelievable it requires a popular vote to get this fixed.

Its hard to believe this thread has been open a year and there is still no update to it from Microsoft. Having an org wide team with one channel and seeing those anytime changes are made to AD accounts is problematic to say the least.

After a year of waiting for administrative features, we are now going to use that button that says "Open in SharePoint" at the top of the channel, and will need to send people to the SharePoint view when adding people to Teams channels.   They will see a nice UI, well organized.   Teams video calling works well, we use it all the time, 

What is so frustrating Is that MS expects us to waste our time in this stupid vote system, but nothing gets done. No acknowledgement from MS nothing. Its a big slap in the face and honestly, Microsoft has lost all touch with reality when it creates a crippling and nonsense application such as teams. 


Such garbage they put out then expect us to become the developers.  Class action lawsuit would be awesome as Microsoft owes us Money for developing their software!

This is also a blatant violation of European GDPR legislation. Microsoft offers tools to comply with GDPR compliance but fails to hide such data in its own tools. It is really not opportune that employees already know the future employees and/or know who has left the company before a proper communication is possible. Surely it cannot be that the system already leaks such sensitive data.

Does anyone know a current status about this?


Microsoft is unfortunately not in a hurry, as it turns out.


That's really annoying, especially for org-wide team

@Thuyavan Ganesan 

Those notification settings only apply to changes of your personal team membership or roles. It has nothing to do with the message being shown in channels.

Lets face it ,


Teams is darn outright annoying.  Its a nagging little annoying software that makes you really wish you were a programmer.  Maybe that is why its so annoying, because even programmers cant fix the annoyances!


You don't need a P.H.D, you don't need to be some C# programmer or any other significant genius on this planet to understand this problem.


For over a year administrators of corporate america have voiced their great ideas to the deaf eared giant called Microsoft, on how to make these notifications a choice or even better yet, a configuration completely controlled by we the administrators who work for corporate america that pay the deaf eared giants bills.


This is what completely dumbfounds me.  Such an easy fix and yet not only does the big giant have deaf ears, apparently it doesn't have a voice.  We the people much more prefer a friendly giant with big ears and a big voice to let us know where our tiny ideas and voices are being sent.


All systems messages in Teams posts are quite annoying for users.


"John added a form"

"jack added a channel"

"Jim changed a channel"


people hate this

I have another take as well, when users leave our company our automation removes them from a channel. In some of the larger groups is depressing to see the sheer number of people "being removed from the channel" and to put some salt on the wound there is a bug where its randomly picking one of the owners so it says "<important VP> has removed <Terminated User> from this team" which my VPs are none too happy with. This should be a channel option if it includes adds if it includes removes, etc... 

@ITEric Here's the UserVoice for it, need more votes though!


*edit* several similar has been merged into this one.


Perhaps I'd prefer to disable all that system spam at all, without any options. If VP would like to inform the team, he will write the post.


If with option, perhaps in meeting chat, where all "Sam joined the meeting", "Joe left the meeting" sometimes are quite annoying. 

@Dean Gross 


We are currently getting this message even when it is not technically accurate <owner name> has removed <member> from the team. The messages are disruptive visually, but more importantly they can lead to misunderstanding about terms of use--and in our case those terms are very liberal. We are NOT removing people from the Team. They are (presumably) leaving by choice. 

@plathrop Hello, I've previously read a post from an MVP in the community that this could be happening "when a change is made outside of teams a random owner is picked for that message". If accurate that's quite a bizarre behavior.


*EDIT* Just read this from MS regarding the "random owner"

"Teams has some background workflows today that perform actions on behalf of existing owners when syncing changes from Groups to Teams. There is planned work to move this to a system context so it will not show up as a random owner doing it. I do not know the timeline at this time."

@ChristianBergstrom  That explains some odd Teams behavior we have encountered since the last update.  One of my team members was tagged as adding a user and then removing them, but they did neither of those actions. This thread was very helpful.  Will go out and "Add my vote". to the User Voice posted above.