How can we hide the user has joined/left the Team in General channel

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We are working with Teams with hundred of members. New members joined and other leave the Teams every day and it becomes really annoying seeing “bob has leave the team”, “John has joined the team” on the conversion TAB.

On the mobile apps those activities are hidden and we would like to have the same on desktop application.

How can we get rid of this?
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Hello Jac,


Click on your profile and go to settings and turn of the below settings . Hope this helps 



Agreed. Couldn't be a more unpleasant first view of a team for someone new.GeneralChannel.PNG



not working we still see it. 

That's because those settings are for notifications, not the text on the channel, you can't get rid of that text currently. Hence the uservoice.
Thanks Chris. I thought it is related notification and thats going to get rid of the popup.

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Is this resolved yet? We were testing it out for global collaboration but that is far too noisy for a productive, efficient team tool for that to be on the front page of the Team. We need to be able to remove that ASAP and have pertinent messaging there. We've invested time and resources on using the Team over other Apps but this will be a showstopper for professionals ... looks more like Facebook with that feature.

Agree this needs to be something that can be set at an organization level.  As we have user adds or terms we don't necessarily want this to be an automatic xyz joined team, removed from teams.


Or even something that says if the team size > X, suppress these organizationally vs by individual.

Has any progress made on this? We are still seeing those logs even after disabling all Notifications. @johnabooth 


No updates here!

your notification settings won't affect this behaviour

Microsoft promised us that switching to teams would be so much better than Yammer. Not with this type of experience. We can't even see the discussion when you have hundreds of people joining everyday and the thread is interrupted with these "joining messages" - they should post in a side bar if they need to be seen for some reason.

Chiming in here, for me the inability to hide this feature has become very problematic.   If I terminate an employee the entire organization finds out when I remove them from all AD groups thanks to Teams, this message is something that should be relayed to the organization by management, not Teams.  The workaround for me has been to block access then remove them from all AD groups except for the teams channels.   

@GaboJ  The most stupid thing here is, that if you block the user from signing in - even tho you still leave him in the Groups - teams will display a message that User XYZ was removed from the Team.


So for me right now it is impossible to terminate employees in the normal way, because even if not officially announced everybody sees it in teams - huge gamebreaker I cant believe this is a thing,

Change password, force logout, move to Terminate hold OU which still syncs to 365, hide from address list. That's pretty much how I handle, then remove from groups when officially term.
Yes, Microsoft isn't watching this thread. Teams is super problematic in this regard, as you say.

Hello all,


At our company, we are wishing than more people would join the conversation on Teams channels.

However, beacause of these "XXX has removed from the channel", the geneal vibe that comes from it right now ressembles the one you'd get entering a skeleton desert.


@Someone from Microsoft, please see this thread and try to fix it, it has been more than a year that we have started to voice this issue, this needs to be resolved ASAP !!

Thank you !

Good day,

Hi, does anyone know of a way to delete these entries in the conversation? We have a company wide Team which was set by my predecessor which shows people leaving the company, not very good. @jab365cloud 

Why is it bad? people may need to know that someone has left so that they don't try to contact them or so that they can contact their replacement

@Dean Gross , having this details in the general conversation flow is completely useless. If nobody leave or are added to the Team this should not be a problem. But when you have multiple people added,removed daily it contaminate other conversations. This kind of "history" should be available in the Team settings but not in the main conversation flow.