How can I view organization in Tems ?

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Hello , 

I am looking on adding organization details in Teams for my team. Where do I have to go and add that ? 


Also about Who app on My Org section, how can I add that in MS Teams ? 

 thank you ! 

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Hi, to ensure this is switched on, go to the Teams Admin Center and navigate to Org-wide settings > Teams settings


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Then scroll down to Organization and ensure the slider is set to on.


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What you will see in your organisation chart is only as good as the information that you populate in O365/Exchange Online.  You need to make sure that;


1). Users have a photo, job title, department, office etc. The more detail the better.

2). All users manager field is populated in Exchange Online.  You can find this setting in the Exchange Admin Center > selecting each user, and choose the Organization tab.  You can then add the Manager for each user.


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As your org chart gets populated, the best place to see it build up is actually within Microsoft Delve.


Hope this helps.


@PeterRising  Thank you.  I was thinking about this answer, but now because i have your answer it's clear. I am not the Admin of the org.  


@PeterRising  About this section. when I entered Exchange admin center  under organization I didn't see this. 


So, what I see is this . 




How can I get to your screen shoot ? 


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You need to open an actual individual user from the recipients section. Then you will see those organization options.

@PeterRising Thank you, that works just fine !