How can I restrict an owner to make a member an owner

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Hey guys, the question is in the header "How can I restrict an owner to make a member an owner" - because here is the thing, we want a governance in our teams - so any employee who wants the opportunity to be an owner must first take a test. But my problem is, a owner can change a member to an owner. Hopefully you understand my question. Is this out of the box possible?

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Hello, nothing out of the box for what you're asking. But you can set up a flow with questions and depending on the outcome make the user "certified" for being an owner or something similar. As all owners can change a members status I would start by educating the existing owners.
This is something which a number of our customers manage using ProvisionPoint 365 "Owners" do not have to be Owners of the Team and instead you can delegate certain actions to them to compete in the Team. It allows you more control than the native experiences.