How can I remove my organization from Teams?

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So when the Pandemic hit I installed teams on my personal computer and used my personal e-mail. It asked for organization, so I added the name of my one-man company (Stent AS). Doing this I think I registered Teams as a business account.



But as my one-man company is not operational, I want to remove it and just have teams for personal user. So I found this where it says "Teams for personal use".



Clicking this opens a page with this popup:


This basically says that I'm already using teams with a company account.

So how do I unregister /de-assosiate my company from Teams? 


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@sstieng Hi, it sounds as if you created a Teams free org. You can use both a Teams free org. and Teams for personal use with the same account. You simply use the "tenant switcher" in the top right corner (I do it myself).


This is usually what you need to check when you want to leave an organization.


For work/school account go here to see if you have an org. to leave

For personal account go here (the link "Manage my organizations" will take you to the right place).

You can also sign in to your personal account to see if you're using any alias on it

Note: Use InPrivate / Incognito sessions to avoid cached credentials.


The process to leave a Teams free org. Leave a Teams Free (classic) organization (

Hi @ChristianJBergstrom .

As you can see I don't have a tenant switcher.



In there are listed no apps.

Trying it will not accept my username / pass that I'm using in the other logins. . Trying to reset the password it says that the account is not set up for password reset.  And I'm not using any aliases.


I discover though that when I accessed it showed a different company.

From here I can access My Account.


From here I can access "Administer organizations". So I removed the one company that was connected to my hotmail account (old e-mail I used years ago).  But doing that I can no longer access "Administer organizations".


So in the top right corner I can change organization. So now I can access my company organization. I don't want to shut down this one :) But would love to not use it for Teams.
So I finally managed to fix it. I logged in on teams on my browser (make sure you allow 3rd party cookies). From here I was able to switch tenant from the top right corner. Then I logged in using the Teams app. During the login process I was given the option to login using my company account or my private account.

So now it finally works! :D