How can I remove extra options available on the meeting room device running MS Teams Room?

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We are planning to set up a meeting room device running MS Teams Room. Multiple users will access the meeting room. I like to configure the Teams Room so that users can only select the Join meeting options on the screen.
No other options like (browser/dial pad etc.) are available to the user.

Can I configure the meeting room device in kiosk mode?


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t s ghosh

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The Microsoft Teams Room systems only show the scheduled meeting, there is no browsers or other applications on MTR devices. If you don't assign a Phone System license to the MTR account it will not show the dial pad.

MTR devices are running in kiosk mode.
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Hi @t_s_ghosh

As Linus mentions, if you do not assign the calling plan to the room, then it will not have a dial pad icon.

You cannot remove the New Meeting icon, however what you could do is apply an address book policy. I did this for Teams Phones but it also applies for Microsoft Teams Rooms, just tested it. Will post a new blog showing this too shortly. Here's the blog post on setting up ABP
Here's a video overview of a device with/without an Address Book Policy