How can I mark an emoji as read without leaving the chat?

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This is a minor thing but I find it quite irritating:


Is there any way to flag an emoji added to a post in chat as having been read without leaving the chat?


When someone reacts to a post of mine in chat by adding an emoji this gets flagged up as an unread Activity, not an unread post in chat. To get the red "Unread" flag to go away I'll have to leave the chat, open the Activity tab, then select the unread activity (which will be just "So-and-so reacted to your message").


I'd like to flag up an emoji as read from within the chat channel, so I don't have to tab out and back into the conversation again.  Is this possible?

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Yup, I just tested this in the web app and the notification typically just goes away on it's own by scrolling a little. Reactions to older chat messages required me to scroll up to dismiss the notification as "seen", and reactions to the most recent message took a bit of up-and-down scrolling but it went away.
Sorry, I should have mentioned I use the desktop app, not the web app.
I tried web&desktop (windows)
activity will disappear after I scroll the page
looks like the key is make Teams judge it as read
I can confirm that scrolling up and down a bit in the desktop app makes the emoji go away for me as well.