How can I improve the frame rate from screen share?

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We use teams a lot at my workplace to screen share. We usually show code, diagrams or other sort of static content.
The framerate on these screen shares are usually pretty low, at 2fps.
In the long run this gives me a headache trying to follow the presenter's mouse cursor, or diagrams when it gets scrolled around.

This is happening across the board, with great laptops and connections. I believed the framerate is getting capped by teams itself.

Can this be changed?
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@SaitaD There isn't anything that you can do. Microsoft Teams is optimizing for bandwidth but has some AI that allows it to switch between prioritizing crisp or smooth. See


AI-based video and screen sharing quality optimization in Microsoft Teams meetings - Microsoft Tech ...


Maybe you could force smooth by playing a video ?

I saw that article earlier too. I am trying to reach the creator. There are some comments in that article about this issue and the possibility of turning the feature off, but no response has been given yet.
I don't think playing a video would work, unless it stays on the foreground, but that would defeat the purpose of the screen share.