How can I import a shared OneNote from a local file share into Teams?

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We have a OneNote shared by our team.  The files are on a File Server that everyone can access.  We all just open OneNote and can access all the info.  It has probably 60 tabs and each tab has multiple pages/sections within it.


We are trying to move everything into Microsoft Teams and I'm not sure on the best way to convert this OneNote into a Teams OneNote.  When I add a OneNote tab in Teams I get options to Mane a New one, Browse notebooks, or Paste a link.  Browse seems to only browse OneNotes that are already in O365.  Not sure what Pasting a link does.


Can anyone help me with how we go about handling this?  We have multiple departments that use group OneNotes so I know this is going to come up over and over as we migrate things into Teams.



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You should be able to create the new OneNote tab in Teams (therefore creating a OneNote notebook based on that Team/O365 group), open that in the OneNote app, then be able to move/copy tabs from one notebook to the other.
This how-to would lead me to believe there isn't a faster way to do this, unfortunately.

Yeah.  That's what I ended up doing.  Just sucks having to drag and drop each tab one-by-one when we have close to 100 tabs.  But it's a good opportunity to weed out I guess.  :)  Sucks that there's no way to do a Shift+Click or Ctrl+Click to select multiples.  But OneNote is missing some basic features like that.  Heck, you can't even double-click and drag to highlight more than one word like you can in every other program on any Windows OS for the last 10+ years.  ;)

No fun. Opportunity for a clean-up never goes astray :)
Yeah, still surprises me there's no efficient way to migrate bulk OneNote content.

Glad it's sorted.

Do the reverse operation ...

From teams open your Shared OneNote .

Then select menu Open from Application - One Note 2016

It opens your local OneNote 

Move or Copy (Alt+ctrl+M) your OneNote Section to the shared OneNote.

That's it you have "shared"(or move or copy) your local OneNote to the Shared teams OneNote.

@fcnetstill like this or any better process?

Has any better solution of importing local Windows OneNote files to M365 / O365 Teams been developed for this question since 2018?