How can I Identify where Office 365 Connectors are used in my Teams

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Is there a way to identify all the teams in my tenant that use office 365 connectors? With the announcement that Microsoft will be retired sconnectors soon I want to be proactive in knowing which of my teams need help to migrate away from their usage.


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Adding my voice to request a reply to this
Adding another bump as I would like to know how to determine this if possible

@Bridget_T   You can see what "connectors" are being used by Teams you are part of, but still have not found a place where it informs where it's being used in Teams that I'm not part of.  App, Manage your apps.  Here is a Team and it's connections :  


My concern is finding where else in the tenant.


@bmoran0902 Thank you - Yes - You can also see connectors attached to channels of your own teams by clicking manage channel. But, as you say, they problem still remains, that we, as admins cant identify the usage across the tenant.

Also looking for an answer to this question.

Yes we also have the same question.
The date is approaching quickly, do we have an answer/script to do this?
Thank You! The script works and we were able to generate a list of all connectors in use across all teams within the tenant!
I am glad someone did Microsoft's job for them. Thanks for sharing that.