How can I enable my profile picture to be visible outside of my tenant?


Ask: I would like to allow anyone seeing my corporate account to be able to see my company profile picture!

Situation: When I am viewing my corporate account from another tenant it displays without the profile picture. (shown below). This is true for both my account as a "Guest" and my account as an "External".




However, in recently interacting with Microsoft support, I was able to see their pictures (sell below). This leads me to believe that this is something that is configurable.



What have I tried?

I am the Global Admin and I have already set the "Cross-tenant access settings" to their least strict options, but profile pictures still elude me. 



This is what my account on shows when viewing my account as "external".


How can I enable my picture to be visible outside of my tenant?


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@MrHinsh Hi @Yannick Reekmans made a great blog about this you can view it here Change your own profile picture as a Guest in Microsoft Teams - Yannick Reekmans - Building things o...



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Sorry Paul, that was not the questions asked. No guests were involved in the call above.

The prople in the call above are v-*** folks that joined a meeting setup in my tenant. They are not guests in my tenant.

Hello @MrHinsh,
I believe what you saw or experience might be the LinkedIn integration to Entra ID. Sometimes users who have public profile pictures on LinkedIn will replicate to your environment if you have the integration configured. (Especially if the same email is used for both their Entra ID account and their LinkedIn Account)

See this article :

I have that configured in my tenant, and my picture is not visible to others.

@MrHinsh wondering if you were ever able to get this to work... very frustrating.  If you did, would you mind sharing how you did it?