How can I delete Teams free organization?

Hello,Please let me know the procedure to delete organization in Teams free edition.
According to the following page,
- remove all users from the team.
- contact Microsoft Support via phone.
Which number should I call?
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I'd try phone support with the details listed here: 


Contact support for business products - Admin Help

You can also try just going to, then scrolling to the very bottom and clicking "Contact Us" below "Get Support" which will launch a chat bot.  If you ask it to delete your free Teams org, it will give you some articles to try.  If you say those don't help, you then get the option to chat with a live person or call in.  For example, below is what I was able to see, although they are closed right now.


People waiting: 1
Call me back is closed
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 9:00 AM-10:00 PM
Sat-Sun: 10:00 AM-7:00 PM
*Hours above are in your timezone
I am sorry for the delay in my response.
I asked the customer support.
To delete organization in Teams free edition.
1. Call the number listed on the following page

2. Tell the following information

  • Full name at registration
  • E-mail address at registration
  • Telephone number at registration
  • Registered organization name
Thank you for all comments.

Which department did you speak with? The lady I am speaking with says they can only provide support to paid Office 365 accounts.

I was taught this procedure from Japanese support team.
However, it may be a procedure only in Japan.
Please See also the following thread.

Exact same issues here - despite 4 different calls (and 1 chat session), nobody seems to be able to assist with this.. They all refer to each other, while some even blatantly admit they have no clue what Teams is..


Bizar the product is so support - it clearly states to call them but nobody can help!

I spent 4 hours speaking to 16 people, not one person was able to help and the just passed me from one support team to the next, most of them have never heard of teams.

This is just appalling support and could actually be breaking GDPR laws?

Yeah, it's pretty sad indeed. 

See here for another thread on this same topic:


It mentions you should ask to speak to the Commercial Billing Team; I haven't tried yet but would be curious to see if that helps! Cheers,


Yep i spoke to this team also :|

@Kazuaki Tauchi 

Okay I've been working on this a week now and after two support cases and hours on the phone being transferred all over the place, I have the steps needed to delete the Teams free edition subscription:

  1. Follow the instructions in step 1 here:
  2. Instead of calling in for step 2, open up Edge (Chrome won't work yet for these steps!)
  3. Go to
  4. Sign in with your Teams admin account (admin@[orgname]
    1. Reset your password if you've never signed in with that account yet
  5. Click the "Try the preview" toggle switch in the upper-right corner
  6. Click Billing -> Products & Services
  7. If your subscription isn't listed try toggling the "Subscription status" filter to "All"
  8. You should see "Microsoft Teams (free) Trial" or something like that. Click Delete under the "Settings & Actions" group on the right
  9. Your subscription will be deleted in 3 days (no way that I found to make it go faster)
This is great work @jim-brown

I will certainly use this as the solution going forward whenever the issue comes up on the community again. Thanks for taking the time to go through this it will help a lot of people.

Best, Chris
@jim-brown, if the Teams free subscription is deleted, will the dmin@[orgname] account also be deleted?

Thanks a lot.

@jim-brown Thanks for this  solution however it doesn't work for me.

On step 3 I get this.
Microsoft Accounts or personal email addresses don’t work here. Make sure that you enter your work or school account (e.g. If you want to reset a Microsoft Account password,


Microsoft are breaking laws here? Don't I have a right to remove my data?

Same here.  I'm stuck in a catch-22.  I can't create a new teams account, since my current email is somehow linked to a non-existing team that I don't have access to.  Nobody at Microsoft seems to care about this at all.

@Ookido , I tried this, but their response is that they don't support the free version.

@Wilhelm van der Merwe 


Can't you use the solution from wwrighter to find/amend your Team Subscription? It was mentioned in "the other" thread about this topic, here:

Thanks, @Ookido.

I eventually gave up. I created a new email address and registered a new Teams free organisation, from where I invited my primary email to join. I then left my previous one with my primary email and joined the new organisation. I believe the old organisation is now floating around somewhere in the ether, but I couldn't really care less at this stage. After making myself the owner of the new organisation, things are working as expected, and I now have a cool new email address to boot. (I am still a little disappointed with how Microsoft handles this specific problem, but I have spoken with someone from their team about it and hopefully they'll be able to improve things.)

Thank you for all the help.



Hi jim-brown.

I recently created a free teams account. Unfortunately there was also an org created which is unnecessary because it was also created by a colleague.


Also found free teams help page which states to delete all persons except myself in org and then call MS support.

Tried to phone call Microsoft support, but only response was I should look at this place, no support for free teams account via hotline support team.


I have then tried to login into AdminPortal, but I really don't know my admin account. Could you explain where I may find information about this account? What do I have to put into place for [orgname]?


Thank you very much for your help.

Nope, nothing changed so far same issue.