How Can a Service Desk be Managed With Microsoft Teams?

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No one talks about the ITSM tool for employee requests. Traditional ITSM and ticketing systems are built for agents - and not employees. Those older systems just track - and not auto-resolve and leave us frustrated with the level of automation and self-service that is achieved over years despite investing a lot of money.

I came across this article on managing service desk within MS Teams- AI Service Desk & Help Desk Software at MS Teams.


What are your thoughts about it?

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We like Teams for lots of reasons too.  Perhaps the biggest benefit we see is the ability to add Microsoft Power Platform (PowerApps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents and Power BI) objects right in the Teams Channel.  And now you have the Dataverse (formerly Common Data Service) data model capabilities included in a Teams license.  It is truly a great environment to get work done and would be a fantastic solution for a service team.


With Salesforce announcing the acquisition of Slack it becomes very clear the inline UI and timeline approach for Teams and Slack are becoming very productive ways for people to organize, communicate and process work especially in a remote environment.  I would have to imagine these types of solutions will be the predominant UI for most work process for the next two to three years.


Making the investment to find ways to use these solutions in your day to day processes should create an excellent ROI.