Horizontal scroll in Teams App (Windows)

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i use Teams App in Windows 10 and also Browser.

Starting Planner - if i have more Buckets than i can see on screen, i need to scroll horizontal. Right?

It is really difficult, because the very small scrollbar on bottom is not easy to choose.
So it is really unfriendly to use.

On Smartphone i can scroll by using finger - swiping right or left and the buckets will horizontal move.

In Trello - this i think is the example for microsoft to develop planner - i can swipe by using the mouse. Drag via pressing the mouse button and move the mouse left or right. Very easy - very user friendly.

Also on Mac it is working like this with Trackpad (Macbook).

But on PC with Windows using MS-Edge, Chrome, Explorer or Firefox - or also the Windows Teams App - it is not possible!!!
I need to find the horizontal scrollbar to see more buckets, which are outside the screen. Very unfriendly.

Is this a bug or feature?
Please support this functionality for more user success.

Thanks a lot

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I would say it's not a bug and it's just the UX is not very good at this point
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