Horizon 8.0/2006 with Windows 10 VDIs, Teams a bit blurry over a native non-VDI machine

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I have been working with VMWare and I have the GPOs installed with the Optimization for Teams turned on.  However; the video in the VDI isn't as good as video on a non-VDI machine.  Are there any tweaks that can improve this? 

We have a large internet pipe, 4 vCPUs (2 cores on 2 sockets) and 4GB RAM assigned to each VDI.



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Hi @Alkemyst ,


Unfortunately I think it will be somewhat the nature of the beast. I am sure you are ware of an have gone through but just in case:






On your Teams, the user icon which describes Microsoft Teams version and pairing modes. 

-- Do you notice If the banner shows VMware Media Optimized?


-- If you are using Blast as the primary protocol, I would strongly recommend you to optimize the protocol for optimal performance.